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Slide Soket, A Newly Introduced Surge Protector In The Market.

Slide Soket is a multi feature surge protector that is designed to fit all the users devices.

Slide Soket is one of the most advanced surge protectors that will be released to the market. This product has features like an adjustable socket base that allows the socket to slide left and right. This is one of the unique features that will enable users to access the surge protector.

The product will also come with a rotating 360-degree socket. These rotating sockets will provide users with an even better clearance from obstruction and even in tight spaces. In addition, these rotating sockets will make the user’s cord management easier and avoid tangled wires.

Slide Soket also comes with an easy-to-hang tab. This reduces the need to measure the back of the product and line it up to hang it up. Instead, users need to place the Slide Soket against the wall and then screw it in. The 90-degree plug will also ensure the Slide Soket fits snugly against the user’s wall. Another unique feature of the plug is the removable accessory cover. This cover will help keep all the user’s device ports clean and debris-free.

Slide Soket allows users to add an extra outlet to it. The accessory plug will solve the users’ issue when they need to add one additional device, and the outlet connection is fully utilized. Users just need to connect the extra accessory outlet into the accessory plug and they are able to use it as an additional outlet connection. In addition, if the users do not require this, they can change it into an accessory USB plug.

“Slide Soket will be introduced to the market in 2023.

This project will also be launched on the Kickstarter platform, so interested buyers can follow the Kickstarter link and sign up.





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